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Free Smart Database

Cloud-based app turning your business contact lists into a single corporate address book.

Free Bulk Email Audit

Create, refine, secure and manage your email database with our smart email auditing tools.

Free Bulk Phone Audit

Check, clean, manage and enrich your phone database with our machine learning algorithms.


Create, personalize, manage and send all your emailing, smsing and whatsapping campaigns.


Create, organize, manage and share great newsletter and emailing campaigns with this app.


Automatically share all your business information with your social networks and community.
Not enough for your email database? Want to validate more emails?

Premium Services Available in Higher Plans

With the Premium subscription plan, you can use all our tools available on the Email+ Platform. The premium tools that is available only in paid subscription plans is the Pro Email Data that will help you clean and verify all your databases and get more tools.
  • Data+ Management
  • Email+ validations
  • Phone+ validations
  • Data appending
  • Real-time bouncing
  • Email geolocation